Saturday, December 24, 2016

And This is Really Important

12/23/16 Time:
His driver's license cuts an inch from his previously acknowledged height

Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s doctor say he’s 6’3″, but his drivers license apparently says otherwise.
A copy of the president-elect’s driver’s license, newly obtained by Politico, suggests that Trump is only 6’2″ — and not 6’3″, as he likes to say. He has previously spoken of his annoyance that so many media outlets misreport his stature.
I was not thrilled by Trump as candidate, but that he is causing Trump Derangement Syndrome among the enemies of decency everywhere, and on such absurd issues, makes me see him as a big win.


  1. We all get shorter as we age. Get a life, people

  2. Speaking of Trump...some people really don't get Christian/Western culture.

    You might be a leftist if you associate kingship with the Presidency.