Saturday, December 24, 2016

Evan McMullin

It seemed that this Utah resident third party candidate was an attempt to siphon off Mormon voters from Trump.  This map shows where third party candidates won by county and in Idaho, the Mormon counties went for him, although curiously, none in Utah.

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  1. Much more evil than that. This was an attempt to throw the election away from Trump, if McMullin won a state and the election was narrow enough neither of the two main candidates got an absolute majority in part due to that. It would have thrown into the House, at which point many many different things could have ended up happening, none of which we expect would have resulting in Trump getting elected.

    Of course, McMullin neither won Utah or any other state nor did the election end up close. But you can see why, for example, Trump allowed Romney to beg for a position, just to taunt him. Tit for tat is a stable strategy, it's good seeing a Republican play it again, and particularly fun with the MSM.