Monday, December 26, 2016

The Minimalists: A Documentary

Just watched this on Netflix.  Imagine the Christian rejection of materialism with no Christian origins; just a bunch of econonsense about reducing CO2 and waste.  I am pretty obviously not a minimalist, but there is great merit to getting people to think carefully about how much they really need, as opposed to want.  Do those wants start to enslave you?

When I lived in California, I had co-workers trying to persuade me to buy a Ferrari.  I could gave done so; but those sort of purchases enslave you financially.  A friend had a co-worker who bought a Lamborghini Diablo: $250,000 with $15,000 a year car insurance.  How much car do you really need?  Do you really get that much joy from it relative to something more pedestrian, like a Corvette (try not to laugh at Corvette as pedestrian)?

Anyway, the documentary follows people around promoting their new book on the subject, staying in some not at all minimalist hotels.  Another guy showed how everything he owns fits in two suitcases.  Of course, mini-houses and tiny New York City apartments appear throughout.  One mini-house was in the shadow of some Western state stratovolcano.  Mt. Hood or Mt. Shasta?  Otherwise it was very rural.  Live simply enough and you don't need a six figure salary.  Instead you can live somewhere beautiful.

Think long and hard about this needs vs. wants matter.  At times I wish we had built a McMansion with 3000 sq. ft.  But along with heftier house payments, you get increased heating bills and a pile more work vacuuming.

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