Saturday, December 17, 2016

Remember This Picture?

We have a more powerful example.  12/16/16 ABC News:
Widely-circulated videos showing Denver police confiscating blankets and tents from the homeless in freezing temperatures are shining a spotlight on the national issue of policing homelessness.
The two videos, posted on Facebook on Nov. 28 and Nov. 29, show police officers taking away survival gear, including blanks and tents, from homeless individuals in Denver and issuing citations for unauthorized camping. The Denver Police Department released a statement Thursday defending its officers and explaining the situation shown in the videos, saying the blankets were collected as “evidence.”
I don't disagree that homeless camping in wrong places are a crime in need of enforcement.  Many of the homeless are mentally ill and part of the blame is on them for not taking advantage of available shelters.   But taking away tents and blankets are evidence?  Arrest them so they aren't going to freeze to death.  And this is after all, a Democrat controlled city.

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  1. That's not "evidence", that is out and out stealing. Bear in mind, Denver is a RICH Democrat city. It's a playtown for the Hollywood Elite, and they don't want it sullied by riff raff, unless they are designated service people. Those would be the Starbucks baristas and such.

    Did you know that Los Angeles officially labels people living in motorhomes parked on city streets as "homeless"?