Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bad Day in the Snow

My wife went out plowing our neighbors' driveways, just to be helpful. And slid off the side.  $250 to get a tow truck.  AAA no longer tows on private roads.  The first tow truck needed a second tow truck to get it out of its ditch before they could get to the TrailBlazer.  Tow services were largely closed or incredibly busy today.  Where's my global warming?

1 comment:

  1. Ouch! That money could have gone toward a winch system for the Blazer, which is a very useful item for a 4x4 vehicle used in snowy/icy conditions.

    If that first towtruck couldn't get itself out of trouble, the driver would appear to be untrained, or the truck is not properly equipped, and quite possibly both. A further consideration might be company policy forbidding the driver from certain actions.

    I ran a towtruck for the CHP around the South Bay (patrolled 101, 280, 85, 17, and 580 at various times), and I was surprised at how untrained the commercial tow drivers were. I encountered some that didn't even have heavy gloves with them, and few were interested in learning how to do a better job.