Saturday, December 17, 2016

When Will the Catholic Church Remind Catholic Universities To Whom They Report?

4/5/16 The College Fix:
Prof. John McAdams has made it clear that he’s going to sue Marquette University for suspending and banishing him from campus on the pretext that he somehow threatened campus safety by defending a student who opposes gay marriage.
But first he’s going to publicly rip into the head of the Jesuit school for blatantly violating his due process as a tenured faculty member.
President Michael Lovell told McAdams in a letter last month he’d have to admit his “guilt” for blogging about a graduate student instructor’s silencing of a conservative undergrad, or otherwise would be fired, according to McAdams’ lawyer. Lovell’s decision is based on third-party hate mail the instructor, Cheryl Abbate, received following McAdams’ post that named her.
There are plenty of evangelical colleges that have taken the path of least resistance to make their colleagues at secular schools not hold them in contempt for upholding Christian values, too.

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  1. This is a state of affairs that many of us, Catholics, detest. I think what it comes down to is the power of the Church in these sorts of things is a lot less than people think. I am no expert, but other than disciplining priests or deacons involved, about all they can do is require institutions to drop their Catholic affiliation. The bishop here in Phoenix did that with some "Catholic" hospitals that were performing abortions outside of the conditions set by the Church.

    But, they really don't want to do this sort of thing unless they have to. Also, there are too many in the Church who are far too progressive - witness "liberation theology." These folks are on the edge of or well into heresy.