Saturday, December 17, 2016

Free Web Host Site

I have been hosting some files for my church on my domain for some months.  We are in the process of changing churches and I would like to rehost these files elsewhere.   There are cheap webhosting sites like, but I don't really need all the facilities; just a place to park some .mp3 files that are web accessible and free.  Suggestions?


  1. Would Google drive or Microsoft OneDrive work for holding your church files?

  2. If all that is needed is clickable links to email or put on a webpage hosted elsewhere, then consider Google or the Microsoft Equivalent.

    I know some media contractors who make a new gmail address for each new project. Any media or files that need to be shared get put up on Google Drive, up to 15 GB, and as it is no-one's personal email, they turn over the login credentials to the client at the end of the project. That way the client can choose to maintain it as an archive, or close the account.

  3. Google Drive gives you 15 GB for free.