Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Murder and Burglary Rate Correlation

The Murder/Burglary Rate Correlation as a Proxy for Drug Abuse

Abstract: Murder and burglary rates are very strongly correlated: much more so than any other crimes recorded by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports program. This paper asks if both of these crimes are so strongly correlated because both are proxies for drug abuse, and suggests that this relationship may justify more examination of a causal connection by researchers with more statistical skills.


  1. Errr, putting a forward slash in the title doesn't help saving the paper to our Windows/UNIX family/etc. systems, does it?

  2. When I downloaded it from SSRN, Google Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04, the suggested file name to save it had the forward slash....

  3. Oops, never mind, I'm an idiot, I always prepend the title and often the author to SSRN style file names, these default naming schemes not helping me remember which is which. It's so automatic I forgot I'd done that, then again, I can't be the only person who annotates these style file names with more info....