Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Browser?

You may recall that an old friend was fired from his job for contributing money to the winning side of an initiative in California.  The Gaystapo used its power to have him fired from Mozilla. (Strictly speaking, a violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act; but gay people are exempt from any laws that are inconvenient..)   He is starting a new browser company with a slightly different revenue model.  I have not fully processed the details yet, but Firefox has lately stopped working reliably with complaints about stopped scripts.  The recommended fix doesn't work, so I may end up being Brave.


  1. I saw that announcement and went to their web page. I hope it succeeds, but the browser space is a bit crowded. Of course, if Firefox continues to fail, it will be less crowded.

    What was done to him was unbelievable. When it was announced I was sick. The Silicon Valley culture (which I get exposed to too much as both a user and a techie) is toxic.

    I didn't know that Eichs was a friend of yours.

  2. I'm not certain about the whole concept. In theory, a company that split the revenue with you and protected your privacy while keeping website revenue flowing sounds good. But I'm having doubts how practical Brave will be. You've got a huge number of folks doing ads at Google (it's their main revenue source after all) and if they can't keep malware out of their ad stream, how will a smaller company like Eich's? Then there the practical concerns of replacing ads in ways that don't screw up the layout, general compatibility concerns, etc.

    It's a fairly promising concept, but there are some pretty big practical issues to solve before it's even viable as an experiment.