Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Multitasking Copying From CDs

I am copying a dozen DVDs and CDs of old photos back to my PC; but the bottleneck is DVD drive speed.  So I plugged a USB drive into my antique and I am now copying CDs to that 30GB drive.  the copy back to the PC will be faster.

I should  mention part of the problem is that the Lenovo does not have a built-in DVD drive, so it is connected through a USB port, which slows it down dramatically.  Built-in DVD drives are what? PATA or SATA on newer laptops?

It did not occur to me when buying this what difference a USB DVD drive would make in performance.  Minutes to copy instead of hours.  The drive is USB 3.0.  It is plugged into a Lenovo docking station which goes a 3.0 hub which then plugs into 3.0 port.  All those extra hops may be the issue.  I will try this with the drive directly into 3.0 port on the ThinkPad. 

Pictures like this:


  1. SATA. Almost nothing is PATA these days.

  2. A newer machine would have USB 3.0 and a newer external disk could also be USB 3 which result in much higher copy speeds.