Friday, January 29, 2016

Why American Software Engineers Can'T Get Jobs

From Wall Street Journal:
Neal Grunstra, president of Mindbank Consulting Group, a temporary-staffing company, calls this "looking for a unicorn." Mr. Cappelli's favorite email came from a company that drew 25,000 applicants for a standard engineering position only to have the HR department say not one was qualified. One job seeker said "he had been told he was perfect for a given position—except for the fact that his previous job title didn't match that of the vacancy," a title unique to the prospective employer.


  1. This sounds like an example of one of the literacy tests used in the Jim Crow South that kept blacks from voting:
    "This looks like Chinese. I can"t read it, but I know what it says."
    "Oh, what's that?", his curiosuty piqued.
    "Ain't no n----- s votin' this year.

    This is the opposite of outsourcing the jobs to China or India, this is "insourcing", almost the same as hiring illegals to pave your driveway or paint your house or bus dishes.

  2. The Southerners were more clever than that. Illiterate whites would be told that Psalm 23 was the literacy test, and memorize it. Blacks would be given the hardest law book in the courthouse.