Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Do Not Like Internet Explorer

But Firefox has become very untrustworthy of late with complaints about stopped scripts that I can't seem to resolve.  Brave is not yet available to beta test.  Maybe back to Chrome?


  1. You are on Windows so try Pale Moon, Chrome, or Safari. There are likely others. Google for them.

  2. Try Pale Moon.

    It's built from an older build of Firefox. It even uses a lot of Firefox extensions.

    I use it on Linux so your mileage on Windows may vary. There's an Android version too but it's a bit out of date.

  3. I've been using Chrome since the Eich fracas and I've been using Chrome since. It's ok. I'm not sure who's to blame, but Shockwave flash crashes quite often - some days more often than others.

    There is Pale Moon, but presumably it would have any problems that Firefox has since it uses the same engine.

  4. Palemoon may have the same base engine, but it's optimized differently and not loaded down with as much cruft and bling. Also check to see if your ad blocker is one of the ones that consumes a lot of resources ... in fact, I think that one like that has a Palemoon fork because of how Palemoon has diverged from FireFox. Note also that in theory, fairly soon FireFox will stop supporting a very large fraction of the extensions written for it, so moving now might be a good idea. If you're the user, NoScript is worth trying out.

    Brave seems to be Javascript that runs on top of Chrome, so you might as well try Chrome or Chromium again (the Brave staff is way too small to support their own browser).

  5. Take a look at Slimjet. It is fast, built on chrome and is very secure.

  6. I will not use Chrome. Ever, under any circumstances. I hear too many reports of Google doing things like turning on cameras and microphones. Or rummaging through my files and pictures.

    All for our own good, of course, to give us better search results.

    Screw them.

    However, I have been using Comodo Dragon which is supposed to be Chrome without the spyware. I have found it to work well.

    My only complaint is that it will not stream Netflix or Amazon video so I use Firefox for that. I also found it very cumbersome to reset the default search engine. I use Privatelee.

    I heard about Blaze the other day and am anxiously awaiting it.

    I too am having lots of problems with scripts in Firefox stopping my computer. It used to be only on my desktop but lately it has spread to my laptop.

    Perhaps I'll take a look at Palemoon.

    John Henry

    John Henry