Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cool Remote Support Tool

For a long time a tool called LogMeIn was free to connect two PCs together to see what was going on on another PC.  Very useful for helping a parent or sibling not too familar with computers.  Then it became something you paid for.  And everyone at heart is a dot-communist.: Everything on the Internet should be free (or at least paid for by someone else).  TeamViewer is free for personal use, and unlike Windows Remote Desktop, very easy to set up.  I put these instructions together so my 99 year old mother could install it on her PC so that I can provide support two states away.

1.Install Team Viewer.  Double click this link.
2.This webpage will come up:
3.Double click the white on green Download TeamViewer button:
4.This will appear on your screen:

When the Save File button goes from gray to black: click it.
5.In the upper right corner of your browser this icon will briefly turn green then black again.
6.After it turns black click it, and a list will appear.  Double click on the first item in the list.
7.This will appear.   

Double click the Run button.
8.A bunch of stuff will appear on the screen.  It may take a couple of minutes.  Eventually you will see this screen:

Click the Basic installation and Personal/Non-commercial use buttons, then the Accept – finish button.

9.You will be asked if you want to allow this program to change your computer.  Click the Yes button.

10.                Eventually you will see 

11.                Write down the numbers and letters in the Your ID and Password fields and email them to the person who will use TeamViewer to help you.

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