Friday, January 22, 2016

Which Scares the Republican Party Establishment More?

Trump or Cruz?  Anything that upsets the illegal immigration, keep the liberal MSM happy bunch that is the GOPe is a win.  This New York Times article argues that Cruz is their greater enemy:

“He’s got the right personality and he’s kind of a deal-maker,” said Bob Dole, the former Republican senator and 1996 presidential candidate.

Of course, this willingness to accommodate Mr. Trump is driven in part by the fact that few among the Republican professional class believe he would win a general election. In their minds, it would be better to effectively rent the party to Mr. Trump for four months this fall, through the general election, than risk turning it over to Mr. Cruz for at least four years, as either the president or the next-in-line leader for the 2020 nomination.
If the Democratic Socialists pick Sanders, Cruz can win.  If they pick the Hildebeast, Trump needs to be the nominee.


  1. Unfortunately the RNC convention is first. Although if Hillary has been indicted by then, that changes everything.

  2. Clinton has huge and rising negatives with the public. Her MSM bodyguard is desperately trying to prop her up and failing. And it now seems very likely that she will be indicted before the convention.

    Or - she will be threatened with indictment and forced to withdraw for health reasons. I have strong suspicions that Obama wants to torpedo her, and then push Michelle for the nomination. I believe the Obamas could snatch the nomination - but the result would be a Republican landslide.

    As to Cruz versus Trump - Trump has more general appeal, but perhaps higher negatives (because he is more prominent). Cruz however seems to have high negatives among fellow Republicans. There are people who can pick fights without making permanent enemies. Cruz seems to lack that skill.

    But I think he could beat Clinton.

    I think Trump has a lot of negatives that could kill him in the general election against Clinton; a lot of people don't see him as serious.