Friday, January 15, 2016

Beached Whales: How Can We Blame This On Global Warming?

From Deutsche Welle:

Beached whales pose risk of explosion

At least twelve sperm whales have beached themselves on North Sea coasts. Experts have to handle them carefullly, as the giant mammals can fill with gases and rupture dramatically....

Why so many strandings?

Sperm whales can dive very deep. They spend time thousands of meters under water.
The shallow North Sea is dangerous for these giant mammals, says Manfred Knake of the conservation organisation Wattenrat East Friesland, since their echo sounding doesn't work sufficiently in the North Sea, which is only up to 100 meters deep. "They get lost."
Experts say that lost whales are not unusual in this region.
Unfortunately shallow water isn't because of global warming.  How will environmentalists twist the truth?

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