Monday, January 25, 2016

The Martian (No Spoilers)

Went to see it yesterday, and I pronounce it very satisfying.  A fun adventure rather like Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe, updated for Mars.  At the very start of the film, our hero is left alone on Mars, and must survive until a rescue mission can be sent.  It was visually stunning, well written, and did not talk down to the audience.  Example: there are a couple references to Hohmann transfers with no explanation to the audience what that is.  But that's a standard piece of spacefaring technospeak, and one that I alone in that theater immediately understood, and it would have sounded forced to explain it.  Great fun, even if you have to listen to the commander's favoritre music, disco.


  1. I saw that movie and liked it too. The one place I thought they REALLY dropped the ball was where the astronauts were doing extra vehicular activity on the main ship WITHOUT a tether or other obvious safety device!!

  2. The Martian was filmed in 3D (not post production), as was Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Both 3D versions are visually stunning.