Friday, January 29, 2016

Millie Became Non-Operational in the Z Axis A Couple Weeks Ago

The coupler that connects the Z motor tho the lead screw tore apart.  Must have been a bad casting although Sherline won't admit it.  Replacing the coupler was a lititle frustrating, then because I had already decided to add 4" of travel, I replaced the lead screw and column with the extended version and the saddle lock stopped working.  I reassembled it wrong.  I like the Sherline, but save your money and buy something more industrial than hobby.

I really am thrilled to have the extra 4" of Z travel.  I can now use a 2.5" finishing mill on 3" high workpieces.  Like this:

In the event you have disassembled the saddle lock from the leadscrew and it won't lock, remove leadscrew, and reinsert it into saddle lock with no gap between lock lever and other brass piece.  Friction between brass pieces provides the lock.

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