Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Progressivism At Work

“Overall, I’m OK with actual violence, like actual political violence,” Rob Rasmussen, who unsuccessfully ran for the city council in Columbia, Mo. (the university’s home), last April, explained to National Review after we contacted him for clarification on his November e-mail of support for Click, in which he wrote that she was “100% in the right.” Rasmussen continued: “I’m OK — I’d be fine if we brought back the guillotine and cut off the Koch brothers’ heads. That would be OK with me. I think that would be OK.” He added that protesters occupying public spaces should have the right to shut out the media because “with Occupy Wall Street, a lot of us lefties learned that if you give open access to the media, some people with an agenda will try to find people in your camp who will say ridiculous things and make it look like your whole group [supports those stances].”

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Suddenly progressives are pro-death penalty.


  1. Well, yes, they are in favor of the death penalty, but only for really important things like hate speech, which is Newspeak for "disagrees with me in a way I can't refute".

  2. I wanted to know more about Rob Rasmussen and whether his advocacy for beheading people who have ideas that differ from his is representative of his fellow citizens. I found his profile as a candidate for city council at the following page:

    It starts out with the following biographical info (unimpressive, with nothing to show any preparedness much less experience for elected office) and then goes on to outline his positions on city affairs (on plastic bags: "educational programs for the proles" to make them want to ban bags -- what a charming and condescending attitude he has for the general public; perhaps the pro-plastic bag folks should all be lined up for their turn with the guillotine). I don't think he's a person of influence (except in his own mind), and I am glad that his fellow citizens did NOT see fit to put him into office.
    Age: 31
    Occupation: Home coordinator with Woodhaven
    Education: Some college
    Membership in organizations: CAT-TV member, True/False volunteer
    Past political offices held: None

    Woodhaven Learning Center apparently works with developmentally disabled people. I found their job listing with requirements for a Home Coordinator at the following page:,16_KE17,26.htm?jl=1379835067

    The loathsome, bloodthirsty, and vengeful Mr. Rasmussen is not someone I would choose to work with a vulnerable population, certainly not with anyone in my family (if any of us needed such services and we don't).