Monday, January 11, 2016


I am trying to get Debian Wheezy (the latest Linux CNC version) running under VMWare Player 12.  Shared folders require vmware-tools, which will not install.  Not using Synaptics Package Manager, or apt-get, or the instructions that tell how to gunzip it and install.

I suspect this is the problem:
This issue occurs if the GCC and PAE kernels are not up to date in the Linux VM and the hgfs folder is not created in the /mnt folder.
Debian Wheezy for LinuxCNC has a special PAE kernel for real realtime performance.  But I will create /mnt/hgfs as an experiment. That didn't do it.  I can either share files with Windows or run LinuxCNC.  Instead I am installing the latest Debian release, which I will use for copying files to the LinuxCNC release.


  1. Why not try using an NFS share and mounting it in Windows? I think you need services for unix installed

    There are third party windows applications that allow Windows to mount NFS shares or serve as an NFS server as well for later versions of Windows.

  2. Is there some reason you need your linuxcnc to run as a VM? I like VMs for some tasks, but cases like this are advertisements for dual boot systems at the least, or dedicated machines at the most. Running a real time ap in a VM seems like playing with fire at the very least.

    The news on machinekit running on a Raspberry Pi is pretty interesting to me. Seems like if you could get that going stably it would be a huge winner. Right now it's a custom kernel, but it looks like they're heading to using RT_PREEMPT in the future (ARM support for RT_PREEMPT is bad right now) to get rid of a bunch of the custom kernel stuff. At that price for a dedicated machine you can't go wrong if it works.

  3. PhaseMargin: It isn't to run LinuxCNC in a VM, but to do development inside where it's warm, and transfer file back and forth to the laptop in garage.

  4. TM Lutas: Unfortunately NFS Client services is not in Windows 7 Professional. Not just turned off, but not available.