Monday, January 18, 2016

Is Anyone Actually Working in the Obama Administration?

Obama's State of the Union address had a rather serious factual error:
President Barack Obama’s gaffe last night during his State of the Union address when referencing Russia has gone largely unnoticed by listeners and pundits alike.

“Even as their economy contracts, Russia is pouring resources to prop up Ukraine’s and Syria – states they see slipping away from their orbit,” said Obama.

There’s a key discrepancy here: While Russia has been “pouring resources” into the conflict, it certainly has not been to “prop up” Ukrainian government, it has instead gone to those who seek to bring it down.
I know he's not too bright, but he can't remember that Russia invaded part of the Ukraine less than two years ago?  The Ministry of Truth's job was to alter the past, but his flying monkeys don't yet have that capacity.

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