Sunday, January 24, 2016

Windows 10

I am so impressed with Windows 10's performance advantages and generally Windows 7-like UI (compared to Windows 8 and its metasized SmartPhone UI) that I am going to go through the annoying task of reinstalling Windows 7 from the Lenovo restore DVDs so that I can upgrade to Windows 10.  (What I have installed right now was a retail version of 7, which I can't activate because it is also installed on my 10 year old HP notebook.)  That means a full backup of all my files;  I have already put all my downloads and license keys in a special Downloads folder; reinstall from the restore discs; and recopy my files from backup.


  1. I have been ignoring the Windows 10 upgrade nag but your endorsement prompts me to take it seriously. One of the reasons I have been dismissive is that even though I heard that it's not supposed to have the horrible Windows 8 interface (or at least it's not the only option) seeing pictures of the screen reminds me enough of my wife's laptop with Windows 8 that I was turned off. I'd like to hear more about your experiences with it after you use it more.

  2. Clayton
    Watch what Windows 10 reports back to MS. Installing Windows 10 is like inviting a policeman into your home to have "a look around". It cannot benefit you. Just check on what it is reporting to MS servers, and do what you can to prevent it. Or scour your machine of anything of interest, like contacts, etc.

  3. Paul: A neighbor tells me there's way to turn off secret policeman mode.

    Jim: Except for the Control Panel section (which is very Windows 8), the rest of the UI is very similar to Windows 7.

  4. I put Classic Shell on all my Windows 10 customers' machines. Go to

    Makes things almost sane again.