Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Psychic Medium Talk Show

From a Craig's List ad:
Did you lose a family member and now at war over the inheritance?

Did you lose a family member an unexplained accident or homicide?

Would you like a psychic to help you contact your loved one to sort things out or help you find answers to what happened?We are looking for guests who are interested in talking to a psychic medium on our talk show. Please send an email with your name, phone number, pictures, and a brief description of your story.
Why can't the psychic just figure out the person's email address, and contact that person?  It makes me a little skeptical of the psychic's abilities, for some reason.


  1. Not seeing much AR related stuff for sale but some drums. I bet there will be a lot more soon.

    Better than stocks?

  2. Good one! Also, for Scriptural reference, look up the Witch of Endor and find out what Samuel says to Saul.

    Thanks, Clayton!

  3. It's hard to cold read an email address!

  4. "I know all about your problems. You have to contact me to show you are sincere about finding solutions. If I were to come to you, my solutions would not work because your mind was not ready."
    Or some such drivel.

    Who was that TV psychic about 5-8 years ago? IIRC he used to rent halls and people would fill out cards with their concerns before the show, during which, he would amaze the audience by knowing about different people's problems and concerns. Sometimes it's even easier than a cold reading.