Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nice Collection of Videos About the Problem of Mental Health Care

At Deafening Silence.  Including, of course, yours truly.

I have done four radio talk shows today.  The last was on a West Virginia station where the host indicated that a survey finds that the top two things Americans want done in response are:

1. More protection in schools.

2. More work on mental health problems.

Guns were not at the top of the list.  Time to light up your Congresscritter's email, and tell them that there is a serious problem, but guns are a symptom, not the cause.

UPDATE: Here's the Gallup poll in question, asking the most effective things that could be done.  Assault weapon bans were fourth on the list, after more police in schools, increased spending on mental health screening and treatment, decreased violence in movies and video games.  So what is Obama putting at the top of his list?  You guessed it.

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  1. And yet CNN, NBC, ABC, NY Times, etc are constantly reporting that gun control is the number one step Americans want taken right now. Today they have been claiming new polls as of today are saying about 60% want gun control. Not sure of the poll source...Church of our Lord and Savior Obama presumably.

    They are also saying more people want 100% ban of all guns.

    Gee---who should we believe.

    We'll be lucky to keep a single shot shotgun or single-shot long rifle (as they all think guns should only for the idea of hunting) if they get their way in the coming weeks and months.

    Sure wish I wasn't still financially wiped out otherwise I would be stocking up as they will either never be available again or the prices are going to stay way too high now that Obama has confirmed he is the greatest gun salesman in US history.

    Maybe I'll cash out my paltry 401K decades before retirement and stock up. Might be a better bet than gold and stocks! I am serious about doing that....of course the penalties and taxes with suck but what else can we do.