Monday, December 3, 2012

Wrists Hurting, Switching To Dragon

I am again having problems with my wrists, caused by working too many hours at my two jobs. This is a short experiment to verify that Dragon Naturally Speaking works in Blogger.

UPDATE: I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking to grade papers this evening. It is much slower than typing, but far less painful. I am still having to make some use of keyboard, and the mouse, but much less than doing it all manually. In addition, I mouse right-handed, in my left hand is most of the problem right now.


  1. Do you wear a wrist brace at night when you sleep? An over-the-counter one seemed to help my much milder wrist pain

  2. I wore a wrist brace on my left hand last night, and I think it made a difference! I did not sleep as well, but I had no pain when I woke up, and very little until I had been moving around for a while. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Clayton:

    I am a technical writer and I spend lots of time at a pc.

    I suggest that you look into getting yourself a "Wowpen Ergonomic" mouse. They are available on Amazon and cost about $20.

    The Wowpen mouse takes a great deal of strain off my right wrist.


  4. Clayton, I found that MouseMitt Keyboarders helped a great deal (Google them; as a first-time commenter I don't want to post a link).

    Think of them as wearable wrist rests. I use one only on my mouse (right) hand. They're cheap, so trying one won't hurt. Good luck!