Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bumper Sticker Length Comment

On an article about how Wal-Mart is having trouble keeping guns in stock now, there is one brilliantly concise comment:
Gun control is not a cure for mental illness.
UPDATE: the original article was removed -- more than 2000 comments, many of them pro-gun.


  1. That link no longer works. It has been replaced with
    and I understand the old one had thousands of comments many of which were pro 2nd Amendment.

    BTW, could it be the gun grabbers strategy is to cause a run on the stores so that inventory is stripped and the prices have now zoomed so high that many people (myself included) cannot now afford many things because of the high prices--that is to say, can't afford to pay the artificially inflated prices.

    Have you been to any of the Boise stores since last Friday? I have not had the time, but the news media is reporting many things have been sold out.

    Still thinking about taking money out of my 401K (after I move it to an IRA) early (penalties and all) to buy things just in case they are never available again. I also suspect the prices are going to stay high even if we don't see a ban like they want.

    I type this as I listen to the radio news speculate on what the NRA is going to say on Friday......

  2. That is Brilliant. I need to tweet it or something. I just let this one out:

    The current gun control debate is premised on giving equal, if not greater weight to the positions of people who don't know sh*t about guns.

  3. They don't know sh*t about guns, or crime, or mental illness, or causation, or what has happened when confiscation was done in other nations in the 20th century . . .

    As for Bumper Sticker length comments, this is a bit long, but . . .
    If the NRA is responsible for Newton, who's responsible for Penn State -- Queer Nation?
    And who's responsible for all the drunk driving deaths we've just experienced these last few days -- Dewar's? The Auto Club? GM?