Thursday, December 20, 2012

Barack Obama: Super Salesman

From the forum, a Brownell's representative explains why there online ordering system for AR-15 magazines is having trouble:
To shed some more light on the magazine situation at present, it really has been unprecedented in the last 5 days. (Edit - Sorry guys, meant 72 hour period) we sold the "average demand" equivalent of about 3 1/2 years worth of PMAGS, and and an even greater amount of our Brownells magazines. We're working like crazy to get these orders to you as quickly as possible.


  1. A ... couple of days ago they were completely out of PMags except for Flat Dark Earth or whatever that color is named with the window, and completely out of their house brand higher quality SKUs.

    I checked earlier today and needless to say they're completely out of STANAG magazines.

    I did come across one place with AR pattern rifles, my home town's biggest gun store. That's because the owner didn't pull all his inventory from the back until today (e.g. yesterday he was getting lots of safes in the store). And there are e.g. lonely AR pattern .22LR and one Colt 9 mm, plus a couple of Remington AR-10 types, one each of .243 and 7-08. And, yeah, their were more of the big magazine AR-10 type rifles out, come to think of it. Didn't see a round of .223/5.56 although I didn't look closely, and business was hopping, the owner was trying to batch NICS checks.

  2. A friend of mine went to put in an order for a Stag Arms G3 at a gunshop in Eugene, OR yesterday and was told that Stag had just stopped taking orders that morning, and that their current orders are set for delivery out in June. He said the line of people waiting in the shop for background checks was 85 deep, with waits of two to three hours. The shop owner's wife was constantly on the phone with the OR State Police doing checks while he was there.

    He said this shop has sold over $500K inventory since last weekend, including sales over $50K out of their booth at last weekend's Portland gun show, and that the shop would probably be closed today due to lack of inventory.

  3. Why should B.O care about firearm sales when he simply figures he'll confiscate 'em all in a couple of years...