Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lots of Good Suggestions Concerning the Film Promo

I appreciate all of them.  I am busy folding in the various suggestions. I did not even know that the video editing software that I have included pan and zoom features which greatly animate these still photos that of necessity are the bulk of anything about the 19th century. These make a world of difference.

I should defend my wife's reading of this, not because it was spectacularly good, but because I put a crummy microphone headset on her and gave her a script. Not surprisingly, it was a little lackluster in places. In addition I have a decent electret stereo microphone, that with enough adapters, plugs into the sound input jack on the computer. And yes, the results are definitely better than with headset microphone we were using before.

I also fail to appreciate how rapidly some of these individual photos moved across the screen when viewing it as a result, rather than as a input. I showed this before church this morning to several people there, and it was suddenly much more obvious. Of course, since some of my readers notice a problem as well, I give you credit for recognizing this!

For those asking about contributing to the making of this film: I love to have the problem of having to say, not quite yet! I will be doing a bit more editing on this promo, and then we may be putting it up on  Kickstarter to raise the preproduction funds.

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