Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Liberal Professor Argues For Death Penalty For Wrong Ideas

He's an Australian who teaches at an Austrian university, and of course, the "wrong ideas" are those who question the validity of the anthropogenic global warming claim:
I have been a member and financial supporter of Amnesty International Austria since 1998. Previously, I was a member and financial supporter of Amnesty in the UK from 1994 to 1998. Like Amnesty I have consistently opposed the death penalty in every case, and this is still my opinion.

In discussions about  the death penalty, it is important to acknowledge that it may be inconsistent to completely reject the death penalty in all cases. Imagine a situation where one person or a small group is in a position to kill millions of people. Imagine that there is also clear evidence that they intend to do so. Murder of that person or that small group could be justified on the grounds that it would save the lives of a large number of people with a high probability.
Thank you, but I think I'll keep my assault weapon when intellectuals can, without shame, argue against the death penalty for murderers, but for the death penalty for those who merely question a theory that is increasingly obviously wrong.

Oh yes, his specialty is the psychology of music.  You can see why his training and specialized knowledge enables him to know that the skeptics are wrong.

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  1. The most hysterical rhetoric always seems to come from people who aren't actual climate scientists.