Friday, December 21, 2012

I Started Watching PBS's Special This Evening "After Newtown"

I keep hoping for better from them, and I keep getting disappointed.  They mention that there is one school shooter who did not commit suicide: Kip Kinkel.  They don't dare mention the other, at Pearl High School, who was stopped by the Assistant Principal, with a handgun.

They keep emphasizing that we can't predict who is going to go off an rampage, they mention that they are young men generally -- but scrupulously avoid discussing schizophrenia.  And the recording of Kip Kinkel even has him talking about the voices in his head!

I turned it off.


  1. You expected honest reporting from ,PBS, the lair of Bill Moyers and Gwen Ifill? Clayton, Clayton, Clayton....

  2. We would be amazed and shocked if they did provide an honest discussion about gun rights. They are a tax payer funded branch of the Obama administration so naturally they will continue Barry's propaganda.

    The anti-gun rhetoric has always been strong, but is definitely the strongest it has ever been. Clearly the goal is to win over enough fools to embrace their insanity so they can get their new laws passed. And they call anyone who disagrees with them the insane fool. That limey Pears Morgan does that constantly from his bully pulpit on CNN.

    Now everything is so overpriced and unavailable so they have achieved their goal without even passing another law. Next will be the "collection law" making all of the items everyone has purchased in the past and especially the past week illegal.

    The question for me is will they use the US military, National Guard and law enforcement agencies to forcibly collect everything since there will be millions of "criminals" who will refuse to give up their rights....

    How does it feel to be a criminal in the eyes of Saint Barry?

    How soon before more are out of work including those working in the shooting industries thanks to our great champion of peace and freedom in DC?

    I suppose soon we will all be expected to give the glorious leader a Sieg Heil, Heil Hussein-Obama! Sure does look like that is coming soon doesn't it.......

  3. They never say how the Pearl High School shooter was stopped. He was just magically persuaded by the sheer force of will and animal magnetism of the vice principal.