Saturday, December 15, 2012

Slow Learners

I keep wondering how long it is going to take before Americans notice that the common factor in nearly all these mass murders is mental illness.  My son pointed me to this discussion that shows that someone has noticed that mental health problems are a big chunk of the problem.  Some are blaming the problem on a lack of mental health services -- and there is some truth to this.  Some are blaming the problem on the cost of mental health services and limited insurance coverage -- and there is considerable truth to this.  But a number point out, correctly, that some of those who need help the most are not willing to voluntarily accept it.

Now, if only the mass media were actually interested in this problem, instead of the DNC talking points about gun control.


  1. The other correlation is the crime scene being a "Gun Free Zone". Truth in advertizing says that they should all be renamed "Fish in a Barrel" Zones

  2. Has this situation with the mentally unsound grown worse since most states have deinstitutionalized? Would these type of person have been locked up 40-50 years ago. Has the guilt of being a parent of such people prevented them from seeking the help needed or is the system failing the needs of such parents? ALL GOOD QUESTION!