Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Believe That This Is A Kestrel

It was sitting on a tree only six feet from our laundry room window, so there was no choice about whether to photograph it or not!

UPDATE:  This is apparently not a kestrel.  Perhaps a Cooper's Hawk or a Sharp Shinned Hawk, which are so similar that there are guides to help you try to figure out which is which.


  1. Merry Christmas.

    I don't think it's a Kestrel. We have quite a few of them around here. Kestrels have an unusual white mark on the side of their head. Looks more like a Red Tailed Hawk.

  2. great pic, Clayton. I cannot add any id info, alas.

  3. My wife the birder doesn't think it is a kestrel, either. They are quite small, and more colorful.

    We are voting for Cooper's Hawk or Sharp-shinned Hawk.

    Merry Christmas from Texas!

  4. Utterly beautiful - the bird and the photograph.