Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Attempt

I can't claim to be an amateur yet -- more a fool with the tools. Any suggestions that you can make to make this more professional looking would be appreciated.


  1. You don't give yourself credit. I thought it was as good or better than similar shorts I have seen in national quality museums.

    Looks like an interesting project.

  2. The audio seems somewhat inconsistent, and your narrator sounds like she's got a bit of a head cold. The text she's reading is fine, but to make a serious sales pitch, you're going to need to improve it.

    And to be REALLY cynical, you might get better results raising money if the narrator "Sounds black".

  3. I disagree with Mauser on both points. I think the narrator is terrific ... Clear, knowledgeable. And I don't see why the narrator needs to sound black at all.

  4. How does someone contribute to this effort?