Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Mass Murder On Campus...But Not With A Gun

At Casper College in Wyoming.  Three dead total -- with a weapon described by some as "edged weapon" and by others as a bow and arrow:
Walsh wouldn't identify any of the victims, including the killer, pending notification of their families. College officials said the man who was targeted in the classroom was a faculty member, whom they also wouldn't immediately identify.

Walsh did say that all three victims were adults who knew one another and that the killer wasn't a current student at the college. The incident didn't appear college-related, he said.

The man appeared to have acted alone. "There is no one at large, and there is no threat of violence," Walsh said Wednesday afternoon.
This account from the Casper newspaper indicates both a knife and a concealed compound bow.  It appears that the killer was the son of the professor who he killed, and the other victim was the professor's girlfriend. 
"He gave me a ride home from McDonald's once," Matt DiPinto told the Courant. "He told me his dad gave him Asperger's [syndrome], that his dad shouldn't have passed it on. He said his dad should be castrated. I didn't know him that well, he just kind of said it out of nowhere, so that kind of threw me off a little.”

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  1. "An edged weapon"
    Curious. Why the evasion? What is to be gained for Leftism by the ambiguity? It wasn't an accidental turn of phrase, and the fact that he murdered with a crossbow has gotten out, so what is the benefit to totalitarianism?