Sunday, December 16, 2012

On CNBC Squawk Box Monday Morning 7:30 AM ET

I will be on CNBC Squawk Box Monday at 7:30 AM Eastern Time.

Here's the video.


  1. I saw your interview this morning. It was very good but too short.
    I agree that the main problem is that it is much more difficult to institutionalize people against their will and I will also stipulate that when it was possible, there was no (or almost no) abuse of it. However, given the changes in government in the last forty years, I'm less confident that it would not be abused going forward if those policies were reinstituted. Maybe some added safeguards could be used to limit the ability of the govt. to abuse commitment. I'm wary and at the same time hopeful.
    Just a thought...

  2. I am actually less worried today. There was a respect for authority in 1960 that simply isn't present today -- and the ACLU will fight every slightly arguable commitment tooth and nail. A side effect is that ACLU won't have as much energy for their other causes.