Wednesday, December 26, 2012

David Gregory's Law Breaking Was Intentional

Over at Legal Insurrection you can read the email that the DC police sent to NBC telling them that they could not legally bring a high capacity magazine into DC for their news segment.  This means that David Gregory and NBC did not unintentionally break the law: they knew that they were doing something unlawful, and went ahead anyway.  A picture of a high capacity magazine wasn't enough.

If there is no criminal prosecution, it raises an interesting argument if someone else is prosecuted for violating D.C.'s high capacity magazine ban.  What makes David Gregory special?


  1. Alternative: Maybe it was a modified 30 round shell with a 10 round limit because of a modified follower or the like; I know that's been done for various markets, especially during the expired AWB period.

    I suspect your thesis is more likely, but mine can't be ruled out without more information than we have.

  2. He's a bigot and an elitist! (I'd say he was special like Jerry's Kids, but that would insult Jerry and the kids!)


  3. Unfortunately, uneven enforcement of the law is not a defense.