Friday, December 7, 2012

Voice Operation Of A Computer & My Cat

All the papers are graded for the semester now, and it is time to give my hands a break. I still have my day job to go to, so I am making very limited use of a computer keyboard once I am home. I resumed work on this science fiction novel that I am writing, and I discovered that my cat is incompatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking. He climbs into my lap, and tries to rub his face against my beard, apparently because it scratches his itchy head. Of course, that means he is rubbing against the microphone, causing a variety of interesting words to appear and the result will never be mistaken for the million monkeys on a million typewriters.


  1. Computers can be voice operated. Cats cannot. Dogs can.

    Get a dog. Tell it not to rub against the mic.


  2. I wish my dog was voice operated.

    "Don't get on that."

    "Don't eat that."

    "Don't roll in that."

    "Don't pee there!"

    "Stop humping that!"

    I'm wondering if my dog is defective, but I doubt he's under warranty any more.