Sunday, December 17, 2023

Today's Trick Question to Annoy Your Progressive Friends and Family

One country is noted for its progressive policies on social welfare.  For part of their largely snow bound.  The other country has a social welfare state but one that progressives like to hold in contempt.  Throughout the winter, much of this second nation is warm and snowless.  Which has the higher homeless rate?

In 2022 the heartless, capitalist nation had 0.17% homeless.  The kind and generous nation has 0.78% homeless.

The homeless count for Canada is here, Canada population here.  The U.S. homeless count is here, population here.

Where would you rather down and out: the kind and generous nation or the heartless, fiercely capitalist nation?

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  1. I lived (and practiced medicine) in Canada for twelve the Ottawa area.

    My wife and I lived in downtown Ottawa (the Chapel Hill area), within walking distance of Parliament hill. Chapel Hill is immediately adjacent to what was called lower town, an economically depressed area that housed a lot of 'social housing' complexes. In the summer, it was difficult for me to go on a walk about the streets, with or without my dog, because of the abusive comments we would receive from drug abusers and sex workers and their ...sponsors.

    The city of Ottawa, and the federal government, collectively paid in excess of CDN $80,000 per homeless, per year. My wife, an executive level employee of the Canadian Government, made with her bilingual bonus, $79k.

    Canada clearly was not and is not serious at all about their homeless.