Thursday, December 7, 2023

The UNLV Shooter

12/7/23 CNN:
"It included links to common conspiracy theory fodder like Freemasonry, the Trilateral Commission and “The Rothchild (sic) Family.” George Soros, a common target for antisemitic conspiracy theories, is listed as one of the “Great Minds of the Twentieth Century,” alongside Albert Einstein and others."

I am sure they conspired to prevent UNLV from hiring him.

George Soros is not a mark of antisemitic theories.  His Jewishness did not stop him from helping the Germans loot his fellow Hungarian Jews during World War II and he has refused to admit that he did something wrong, not even a "I did it because I was afraid for my life" excuse.

Conspiracy theories are popular ways to explain failures that might lay a little closer to home.  I was watching the Son of Hamas author explaining why the Muslim world hates the Jews.  Israel is a successful nation with a European GDP, vastly higher than any Arab nation.  It could not possibly be Muslim religion or Arab culture at fault.  It is easier to look outside rather than inside.  The parallels to the constant AWFL screeching about racism as the core of black poverty explains why BLM chapters endorsed Hamas' murder, torture, and rape rampage.  Admit that sexualizing girls at 12, leaving pregnant mother's behind to pursue another underage sexual conquest, and glorifying drug dealers while denigrating education as "acting white" could not possibly explain anything that has gone wrong.  It is all Whitey!

And Joooos!

And capitalists!

Who else can I had to the list?

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