Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas

I look back on my childhood Christmases.  While there are some pleasant memories, what was missing was any discussion of why Christmas mattered.  We all knew the common Christmas carols: We Three Kings, Silent Night, but the importance of Christ's birth was largely forgotten.  This is surprising because my mother has been a pastor in the Salvation Army in the 1930s.  I fear that she had allowed the American Christmas traditions to take over.  

When people talk about the 1950s being a time of Christian dominance in America, I think they are confusing these two.

In any case, let this be a day of family and friends, even if it is not a day of religious significance for you.  And I really hope not to see any FJB stickers today.  We can disapprove of someone's job performance and integrity by replacing them in time for next Christmas without being crude and rude 

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