Saturday, December 2, 2023

If You Are Not Local, Pocatello is the Rural, Largely Mormon part of Idaho

 11/27/23 Idaho Capital Sun:

A drag reading group received this year’s Human and Civil Rights award from the city of Pocatello’s Human Relations Advisory Committee for its work providing educational spaces for children amid community backlash.

The city’s Human Relations Advisory Committee consists of community members that address local civil rights issues and advise the mayor and City Council on civil rights concerns. Each year, the committee recognizes an individual or group that has worked to improve civil rights issues in Pocatello. Previous winners include educators, coaches, behavioral health advocates, among others.

This year, Reading Time with the Queens, a nonprofit whose mission is to have drag performers read stories that teach acceptance and self love, received the award. 

Each month, the nonprofit organizes a 45-minute program where drag artists read picture books, sing songs, teach sign language and create crafts with children and families in Pocatello and Idaho Falls. 

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