Sunday, December 24, 2023

Mechanical Engineering Question

My recollection is that deformation of a rod supported at both end is FL**3/48EL

Where F is force in newtons, L is length, E is Young's Modulus (in GPa)  L is length of rod (in meters).  I used to be able find calculators for this online.

One of you knew abouyt this website that I used to use but what evading my searches: Engineer's Toolobox.  Thank you. Now I have the formula for Area Moment of Inertia for a shaft.  I am still unable to find the formula for deflection of a shaft supported x distance from the end of the shaft with load N.


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    1. Trying to calculate deflection of a shaft with E=Young's modulus; L=length; D=diameter

  2. I use for finding formulas like these and for data tables on commercially available steel shapes, but I don't believe they have calculators.

    Incidentally, you're going to need the area moment of inertia of your rod to calculate deflection. There are formulas for that, too, if it's a simple geometric shape.