Sunday, December 24, 2023

Article About Argentina

12/23/23 New York Times article about the economic dislocations since President Milei took over--dislocations that he warned would take place 

After many paragraphs explaining that Argentina's economy has been seriously screwed up for years and the obligatory injured party interviews the absolute last paragraphs:

Despite the challenges, Ms. Cardozo said she remained a Milei supporter and was hoping his policies work.

“We were living under a fantasy,” she said, referring to gas prices before the recent hike. “If these adjustments are necessary to thrive in the end, they’re worth it.”

I am reminded of the pain after Reagan took office.  Crushing stagflation of the 1970s was hard on everyone but the rest of the 1980s was a good time for America.

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  1. That dirty piece of work!

    He becomes President of his nation, just so he can LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALONE!

    How DARE he!