Sunday, December 24, 2023

Odd Sign of Winning

It is an article of faith among a number of libertarians that Russia is easily winning the war in Ukraine.  This seems to be an odd mixture of several ideas: a traditional libertarian hostility to foreign intervention which historically saw Hitler as a result of our involvement in World War I but disturbingly enough I am hearing the argument that we had no business joining World War II.  It is not like we had much choice; Japan attacked us and Germany declared war.  There is just a hint of anti-Semitism in this bizarre claim.

A belief that Russia is the last savior of Western Civilization from what this crowd calls the "globohomos."

A belief that anything that Biden does is suspect.  I think as incompetent as Biden and his puppet masters are, they recognize that standing on the sidelines would suggest that they did a bad job discouraging what happened.  (They did.)

Anyway, back to the Ukrainians are losing claim.  12/24/23 Newsweek reports that the Russian Army admits that it is using chemical weapons:
"If confirmed, this would be a violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, a treaty that has been in place for more than a quarter of a century aimed at destroying chemical weapon stockpiles and chemical weapon production facilities, as well as banning their use. Russia is a party to the convention."

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  1. Yes, Japan attacked us and Germany declared war, but only after the USA had indirectly entered the war and did many things to provoke Japan and Germany.

    Russia is fighting this war to keep Ukraine out of NATO. Biden wants Ukraine in NATO.
    I don't know if Russia is winning, but Ukraine is losing.