Sunday, December 3, 2023

Electrical Question

My well pump draws 1.5 kW.  I am unsure how many hours a day it is actually running.  I suspect unless I have the water running it is drawing little or no power.  There are clamp multimeters that go around a power cable to measure actual current draw.

Obviously I want to know total draw over several hours or maybe a day.  I see such clamp DMMs offered that refer to 2000 counts, 4000, 6000.  I am guessing that this refers to how many samples they make of the current draw.  I think thid something that you can set total duration.  6000 counts over a 24 hour period.  Does anyone know?


  1. The number of counts is the resolution of the device.

    And no, your well motor draws no power when not running. If is simply a motor controlled by a pressure switch.

    But I think this will get you what you want:

  2. "Counts" on a meter refers to its resolution (the same concept is used on scales).

    A 2000 count meter set to a 200-volt range will have a resolution of 0.1 V. A 4000 count meter will likely be set to a 400-volt range to achieve the same resolution. Achieving a resolution more precise than 0.1 A is beyond the ability of many clamp meters.

    The tool designed to calculate total power over time is actually called a 'Power Analyzer'. Unfortunately, these are FAR more expensive than your investigation will justify.

    If you can find a clamp ammeter with Min/Max/Average functionality, you can use the 'Average' function to estimate load over time. Note that there are meters with Min/Max but NOT Average. The Fluke 325 is an example (a great meter otherwise, but no average measurement).

    If you can find a meter with Bluetooth or networking capability, you may be able to log data to a computer.


    What you're looking for is a power meter.

  4. 8060A DDM that has 20,000 counts. There are meters that record/ log current or voltage or wattage over longer periods of time and unfortunately are quite expensive. You can rent those but again $$. There might be a way to connect a meter with an output to a computer or laptop and log a day's or week's usage but that way above my knowledge.