Wednesday, December 27, 2023

This Would Be an Act of War With an Adult in the White House

12/27/23 Fox News:
"The U.S. Navy shot down anti-ship ballistic missiles on Tuesday launched by incoming Iran-backed Houthi missiles in the Red Sea, signaling a significant escalation in the region, a senior defense official told Fox News. 

"The Navy engaged three ballistic missiles provided to Yemen's Houthis by Iran. It was the first time the Navy shot down an incoming ballistic missile using an anti-ship ballistic missile."

Obviously we do not want to invade Yemen and attempt nation-building; the raw materials are just not present in that part of the world.  We can destroy the facilities prepared to launch stuff at ships in international waters.  I would think this would be a trivial task, once the Navy figures out what pronouns to use.


  1. We are using very, very expensive missiles, that are in short supply, cannot be replaced at sea, and take a long time to build, to shoot down crap missiles from Russia via Iran.

    This is designed to reduce our war stocks...for what?

    1. To avoid injuring Iran's proxies. This would require Biden to shovel more money to Iran.