Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Democracy: the Process of Prohibiting Your Opponents From Getting on the Ballot

The Colorado Supreme Court has prohibited Trump from appearing on the Republican primary ballot because he participated in the J6 insurrection.  Which video tape contains that?  If they wanted to argue that he incited a riot by people who were at the Capitol before he spoke that could be entertaining.  

The ruling prohibits the Colorado Secretary of State from putting his name on the ballot.  Let us see how many Republicans write in Trump in the Colorado primary.   That has not been addressed.  If the left was upset by a few thousand angry people in the Capitol, imagine what will happen if he cleans the floor with Biden and the courts prevent him from taking office.  That could dwarf J6.

No one has been charged with insurrection for J6.   


  1. Most irritating to me, the NPR news teams discussing a 4-3 split decision on the most politically divided issue of the season spent five minutes with ONE analyst giving ONE side of the case. Later the same morning, the local Texas public radio affiliate (same broadcast station) discussing the new Texas law trying to enforce laws against illegal immigrations, spent TEN minutes with one lawyer (from ACLU) discussing the lawsuit he himself had just filed against the state. One side.

    That's not the irritating part. The irritating part was the recorded plea for listeners like me to pledge increasing support for fair and complete public, unbiased, not-for-profit news coverage of important public issues. THAT'S irritating.

  2. “Let us see how many Republicans write in Trump in the Colorado primary.”

    The Colo Supreme Court ruling also forbids the Secretary of State from counting write-in votes for Trump. This doesn’t appear in the abstract at the front of the ruling but does appear at the end (p 132).

    The Comrades were thorough.