Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Watching for Disinformation

 There is a lot of crap floating around.  Gateway Pundit has an article which I am going to check for accuracy because the content is amazing:

Data from John Hopkins COVID-19 Tracker shows that several states with the highest vaccination rates like Maine, New York, and Vermont have the highest increased rate in COVID-19 cases last week.

And the state with the greatest decreased rate in COVID-19 cases was Texas.

Our World in Data is reporting Maine at 67.5% fully vaccinated. The US as a whole is 55% fully vaccinated.  New York: 62%.  Vermont: 68%.  By rank: Vermont #1, Maine #4.  New York: #8.  I am not sure from where at Gateway Pundit's John Hopkins table comes.  There is no link, so this is immediately suspicious.  But the new cases graphs at Johns Hopkins for Maine shows  a decline.  New York shows a tiny increase, Vermont shows a tiny decline.  None show huge increases.  Texas indeed shows a big decrease.

I keep scratching my head: why does anyone pass around these falsehoods?  It just makes the Deep State look good.  Get vaccinated; be around to dump Biden (or more likely Harris) in 2024.

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