Monday, September 20, 2021

Don't Get Cocky

 I still encourage you to get the vaccine.  Your risks from the vaccine are much less than getting COVID, and even if you get Delta variant, you are less sick.  The good news is that new cases are again declining both nationally and in Idaho.  It is not a huge decline, but it is progress.


  1. Never will I ever take the Fauci Juice.

    What EVIDENCE do you have that the vax does good?

    I have seen a lot of BAD come from it.

    The same people that forced infected Covid people into nursing homes full of the most at-risk people want to jab me??? No

    The same people letting hundreds of thousands of illegal invaders that are NOT vetted for illness across the border want to jab me.

    Again, NO.

    Follow the money and it looks like the FDA people slide into Pfizer and Moderna positions for GREAT PAY and bennies.

    Hells no.

    And Congress and the Post office are exempt from getting jabbed because??? reasons?

    Ivermectin wiped out covid in one Indian province.

    Why no mention of it herein USA?

    1. Post Office are NOT exempt. They are subject to businesses >100 employees rule. The USPS was privatized decades ago. They are no longer government employees. Congress exempted for same reason they are exempted from insider trading rules. Power has privileges.

      I posted a few days ago data from Indiana. Vaccinated people are a fraction of infections. hospitalizations, and ICUs.

      I suspect Pfizer and Moderna have discouraged OTC solutions. But that confronts the fascism of the Deep State. Stop asking dangerous questions.

  2. Has it always been your practice to get a flu shot every year? Or did you just decide that COVID warranted it?