Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Unnerving Sci-Fi: Dead City

Free on Kindle.   A pretty good zombie novel but I am getting Wu Flu overtones.   I am not sure when it was written but I am already seeing hints that the disease was created by the company selling the government the cure.  It is a dreadful situation morally and also dreadfully compelling.

Let me emphasize.   This is not a roman a clef.  The painfully obvious inclusion of the necrotic (those not yet over the zombie threshold) in every form of ad and the replacement of blacks as the victim group is painfully funny and satirical.

'When you wanted a nation to obey, you told it a deadly enemy was knocking at the gates. When you wanted a nation to obey, you told it that without the government’s protection, something horrible might break out like wildfire." 

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