Thursday, September 16, 2021

Using LiveView on my K-S 2

 Focus is sharp on the screen but not sharp on the picture.  Turn off Live View and use the viewfinder and focus is slightly different.  GIMP fixes a lot.  17.5" f/4.5 1/100 second ISO 100 prime focus.

As an experiment I did everything the same but at 1/500.  Very dim but after GIMPing it:

Better off at 1/100.

ISO 100, 1/80th sec. 25mm eyepiece.  I am not immediately sure how to calculate the magnification but I am guessing it is about 5x over prime focus.

Here I went to 12.5mm eyepiece.  1/5th sec. Image quality noticeably worse.

Why so much worse?  I took video at several points. Some of them were all white.  Wrong ISO?  White supremacy?  But this video at the same magnification will give a clue.

See the atmosphere waving at you?  And perhaps a little vibration was pressing the shutter.  (The stills were done with a 12 second delay.)  No wonder resolution was so poor.  That black line is not a rill.  It only appears in the 12.5mm images, so likely a hair in the eyepiece.

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